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"Turning Your Heart Toward God , a study of the Beatitudes, was our 2021 winter Zoom Bible Study, lead by Becky Starett. It is our ongoing prayer that lives were changed as a result of the truths we pursued. Following Jesus is not for the fainthearted, but it is a journey empowered by God Himself! Becky would love to engage in further conversation if you have questions, concerns or comments regarding the study. You can reach her through one of the Contact Us links at the bottom-left of the Home page. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future studies.

During the spring and summer months you are encouraged to grow in Christ by using a Bible study resource from The Daily Grace Co or Precept. Gather with a few coworkers over your lunch break, invite some neighbors for coffee and conversation around the Word, Facetime with family members, or reach out to a sister in Christ at church to deepen your relationship with God. These are great heart-focused studies that can be done in three to six weeks.

Our Ladies Fall 2021 Bible Study beginning September 21, 2021, will be based on the book, DAUGHTERS OF GRACE: The Women of the Bible and the God of Grace, published by The Daily Grace Co. The six week study covers 28 women of the Bible. The book includes daily study questions and the cost is only $5.00! Plan now to join us this Fall."